The Baltic Exchange is a membership organization at the heart of the global maritime marketplace. We provide independent daily shipping market information; maintain professional shipbroking standards and resolve disputes.

The Baltic and International Maritime Council. An independent international shipping association, with a membership composed of ship owners, managers, brokers, agents and many other stakeholders with vested interests in the shipping industry.

Camara Interamericana de Ascociaciones Nacionales de Agentes Maritimos
CIANAM (INTER-AMERICAN CHAMBER OF SHIPPING AGENT NATIONAL ASSOCIATIONS) represents the unity of its members and their will to mutually coordinate and collaborate for the defense of the legitimate interests of Shipping Agents and water-borne transport, as well as those of the international sea trade and the shipping port activity.

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The Federation of National Associations of Ship Brokers and Agents (FONASBA)

FONASBA was formed in 1969 to speak with authority on behalf of the shipping profession in so far as shipbrokers and agents are concerned, to promote fair and equitable practices in those professions, to co-operate with other international maritime bodies and to consult and advise on any matters of concern to the shipping industry.
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FONASBA Young Shipbroker or Shipagent of the Year Award – April 2015

For safe transport, cleaner seas and free competition.

iTmarine is a service and support company for the ASBA Charter Party Editor that is designed with the shipbroker in mind.

The National Association of Maritime Organizations (NAMO)
NAMO is comprised of maritime-related organizations throughout the United States. NAMO represents its members in all matters on a national level that affect foreign or domestic waterborne commerce using U.S. ports.

Maritime Global Net
Maritime Global Net (MGN) has been an open resource to maritime professionals looking for news, industry sites, market information, and general contact details.

Email services for Ship Brokers.  At SHINC24 we believe e-mail is the most important link in the shipping communications chain.  Our goal is to harden that chain for reliability, speed and tracking.

Shipbroker Portal
The portal provides shipbrokers with fast access to useful web resources and online tools.

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