This momentous cooperative effort between ASBA, BIMCO and the Singapore Maritime Foundation has produced a balanced contract that reflects the practices as well as the commercial and protective clauses used by both charterers and owners today.

NYPE 2015 Explanatory Notes – pages 1 – 25
NYPE 2015 Explanatory Notes – pages 26 – 50

NYPE 2015 Sample Form 


Designed to improve upon “turn around” time at the office and between the Broker(s) and Charterer(s).  The ITMarine CPEditor supports the following forms:

Charter Party editor combines the need for traditional Charter Party execution with standard everyday technology.  The ITMarine CPEditor is right here, right now, offering advantages to both shipbrokers and their principals.

Unique Features

MS Word-like in its operation: point, click and type onto the actual form itself. No need for split-screen confusion

  • Cut & paste text feature: facilitates the drafting of the CP form from internal messages and fixture recaps. Fast tracks the first draft and continuous updates
  • Structured filing: Easy to locate your stored forms by a combination of Vessel name, Fixture, Charterer, CP date with short description
  • Secure version control: Ability to file draft documents for updating, or final copies that prevent further editing
  • Instant access to the relevant ‘rider clause’ by electronically linking all the relevant documents
  • Ability to “email” the executed Forms in addition to the associated rider clause as 1 document: no need to ‘fax’ the executed CP form or send a Courier
  • Unrestricted printing to a whole range of laser printers
  • Incorporate your organizations logo to any form, any page
  • Send document to a “read only” user for instant review without losing control over the draft or final wording
  • … and many more features and functions to aid you in this process of CP Editing, Filing, Updating and Maintaining
  • Very easy to install…
  • Updates provided…

Request a FREE TRIAL of the ITMarine CPEditor to check out the system features: editing, saving and printing of a single page of each form, for testing purposes.

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