What Is ASBA?

Association of Ship Brokers and Agents (USA) Inc.
ASBA is an independent membership trade association, established in 1934 that brings together member Ship Brokers, Agents  and Affiliates with offices in the United States and Canada.
ASBA advances and fosters the ideals and standards of professional conduct and practices and is a medium through which members with common interests can communicate.

ASBA Members

  • Ship Brokers (Dry Cargo, Tanker, and Sale & Purchase)
  • ASBA Certified Agents
  • Affiliate Members (Ship Owners, Operators, Charterers and Tug Companies)

Company & Affiliate Member Directory
Associate & Honorary Member Directory

How Does ASBA Operate?
Day-to-day activities are handled from the Association’s office by the Secretary under the supervision and direction of the Officers and the Board of Governors.
The working committees are an integral part of the Association.  These committees along with the Board of Directors establish the priorities for the Secretariat.   All working committee meet at least once a year, however, the Ethics & Grievance Committee meets “when-called-upon”.

ASBA Committees and Committee Members
Agency Affairs                                   Entertainment
ATRS                                                 Ethics and Grievance
Charter Party and Documentary       Government Activities
Conference                                       Membership
Dry Cargo                                         Tanker
Young Ship Brokers & Agents (YSBA)

ASBA Antitrust Policy – January 2016

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