Charter Party Editor Questions

About the Editor

How does the ITMarine CPEditor differ from other or similar products?

This software is designed specifically to be extremely easy and intuitive to use – very similar in operation to MS Word, offering a variety of features that are unique to this product, such as:

  • you type directly into the document itself
  • you can cut/paste text from a recap/text document directly in the CP form
  • you can save the form as draft or master, master is a final, un-editable version
  • you can link the rider clauses directly to the CP form for instant review
  • you can email both the executed CP form as well as the rider clause to a 3rd party
  • you can offer your Principle a “read only” version of the editor for checking the draft forms on-line, without the ability to edit the form itself!
  • and you improve upon the time-line to a completed, signed CP

How will this product benefit my organization and me?

  • Quick and easy typing up of CP forms, directly onto the form itself
  • Draft forms can be displayed on the brokers’ desk without having to first printout the entire form(read only version)
  • Broker can make comments on the forms and send back to the Administrator
  • Filing is quick and easy, as is retrieval: by Vessel name, Fixture, Charterer and Date
  • CP Forms and their relevant rider clause documents are filed as linked forms for rapid retrieval and review
  • Embed your Company logo on front page of CP form for emailing
  • Unlimited printing of forms
  • Ability to print to almost all Windows-recognized printers (not dot-matrix!)
  • Email both the executed cp form as well as the rider clause to a 3rd party. You can offer your Principle a “read only” version of the editor for checking the draft forms on-line and improve the time-line to signed cp

How does this product retain the integrity of the standard printed forms we use?

  • New inserts stand out in bold, against the original document
  • The strikeout feature is the only way to ‘delete’ redundant text, the original wording remains viewable
  • Line numbering and format remain exactly as per the original format, even after editing
  • Licensing by means of software checksum keeps control over the product and unauthorized access
  • Final copy option saves the executed document and disallows further editing


Do I need Windows on my PC?

Yes, Microsoft Windows 98 and later is required to run the ITMarine CPE correctly, as well as MS Word 98+

Can I print to an existing Printer?

Yes, as long as the printer conforms to a Microsoft standard print-driver and its either Laser or Inkjet design

Do I need a special piece of hardware, like a ‘Dongle’ to run the CPE?

No, the ITMarine CPE software is a licensed product and annually renewed, therefore it does not require any 3rd party hardware or other devices to be inserted into your PC.

Support and Maintenance

Do you offer annual support (annual subscription services) for your products?

Yes, support is provided via direct support telephone line or email communication to A renewal license fee provides for the annual support and help-line so to ensure maximum usage of your CP Editor

What happens when my Licence expires?

CP Forms will be inaccessible, however, 30 days prior to expiry we will contact you to remind you to renew your software licence through an annual support contract. We send you a new software licence file via email, and you continue the usage of the CP Editor and your associated forms

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